Highland 99 Day 6 (07/08/1999)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dallaschyle
Country: Scotland
Discipline: H40L
Grey, chilly weather for the WOC short final and our Day 6 at Dallaschyle, by Cawdor Castle. Had a late start and my run went well - plenty of tracks helped. My largest errors were at 5 and 9, otherwise good. Total errors about 4 mins. 58:34 for 7.2 km, 12th out of 165 today and 11th overall (best 4 of the 6 races). 6 mins behind today's winner, Mark Saunders, BOK, and 5 behind the overall winner, Justin May, LOK. Overall results: http://www.scottish6days.com/general%20and%20historic/historic%20results/highland1999/points/pts_0018.html
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Highland 99 Day 6 (07/08/1999)