WMOC 2017 sprint qualification (23/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Epsom Campus, Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: M60-1
Partly cloudy and 19 degrees C for the WMOC sprint qualification race at the T Coll (U of Auckland Epsom Campus). I ran H60-1, and placed 16th of 63 starters, 3:22 behind the heat winner. Challenging sprint orienteering with some difficult route choice problems - both choosing and then executing the route. A steady run, taking my time over the choices.
Lost a few seconds backtracking part of the route to no. 8, otherwise a sound run and qualified for the A-final.
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Rick McGregor: Doesn't look like the GPS track is very accurate...
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WMOC 2017 sprint qualification (23/04/2017) WMOC 2017 sprint qualification (23/04/2017)