WMOC 2017 sprint final (24/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Auckland Campus
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: H60A
Sprint Final, Auckland Campus, 24 April 2017
M60A, 2670 m, 23 controls
Lost time on no. 19
DSQ (missed out the control before the run-through - I was looking at a top 30 finish otherwise)
GPS track looks OK for starters, but then goes haywire.
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Rick McGregor: My notes at the time: Left out the control before the public control... (Must have run right past it.) Dropped 30 secs on no. 16, and no. 14 might have taken 15 secs more if I'd punched it - for a time of, say, 19:30, and a top 30 finish.
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WMOC 2017 sprint final (24/04/2017) WMOC 2017 sprint final (24/04/2017)