SummerNav Cornwall Park (07/12/2023)
Category: Training event
Map/area: Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park
Organiser: Auckland Orienteering Club
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Course 2 (5.0 km)
OK round to no. 6 where I came off the terrace a bit far right. No. 9 looked straightforward but there was no big rock - found the control hidden in a rocky pit. No. 12 and 13 were tricky - tucked up against the wall and behind vegetation. Searched too early for no. 15 (now running head to head with another competitor) and was out left of no. 16. Forgot my GPS watch but others on the course ran between 6.06 (the planner) and 6.65 km. Came 22nd of 57 on Course 2.
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SummerNav Cornwall Park (07/12/2023) SummerNav Cornwall Park (07/12/2023)