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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Renlunken (2024-07-07)
pühapäev 7 juuli 2024
Kategooria: Competition
Alvik-Tre kronor, OK Renen, Sweden
Svår 5 lång|Tulemused
Enter-on-the-day course with only 5 competitors. A very wet run (rain, ca 18 degrees), stony ground/difficult terrain but good, t...
Jukola relay (2024-06-16)
pühapäev 16 juuni 2024
Kategooria: Competition
Mäenpää - Kauhava, Lakia-Jukola (Wisa 1912, Virkiä 1907), Finland
Relay, vahetus 4|Tulemused
Fine when I started, overcast and 10 degrees later. Mostly a slow but steady run - no grid-searching errors but lost map contact o...
Nationaldagsmedeln (2024-06-06)
neljapäev 6 juuni 2024
Kategooria: Competition
Talvatis, Jokkmokk, Sweden
Svår 5|Tulemused
Ran an open course (Svår 5, same as H21). Fine, 16 degrees. Followed the wrong ridge from the distinctive tree at no. 1 (-3 mins?...
IFK Kiruna training event - Naturpassetuppstart (2024-06-04)
teisipäev 4 juuni 2024
Kategooria: Training event
Sakkaravaara, IFK Kiruna, Sweden
Training event on Naturpasset controls, with SI units on 6 of the 16 controls. A steady run round to no. 8. Had problems at no. 9 ...
Bergnäsets vårtävling medel (2024-05-26)
pühapäev 26 mai 2024
Kategooria: Competition
Gäddvik, Bergnäsets AIK, Sweden
Svår 5|Tulemused
Fine, 17 degrees. Quite a steady run. Only one error according to WinSplits (50 secs on the leg to no. 9). A little wide to a coup...
Bergnäsets vårtävling lång (2024-05-25)
laupäev 25 mai 2024
Kategooria: Competition
Gäddvik, Bergnäsets AIK, Sweden
Svår 3|Tulemused
Fine, 17 degrees. My first run of the season - as is often the case it was quite a clean one (before I get fit enough to run too f...